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Increase Your ROI with White Hat SEO Services

Seo Fantasy is a well known seo company in Delhi. We are a team of Digital marketing experts with a decade of experience who has very good knowledge of Google algorithms. Our team helps large, small and medium businesses to increase their revenues. We understand that, how important is for a small, medium and large business to have their presents in Google, Bing, Yendex and other search engines. Our company provide organic SEO service and organic traffic through white hat SEO. We work dedicatedly to get our clients website in top position in SERP and guarantees you to show results in just 15 days. We offer, customized SEO packages and make it possible for every business to afford SEO services. Our way of working is different from other SEO companies because, we start from the very first step to find the errors so that, we can rectify that errors. We build high quality links from the high DA (Domain Authority) websites and write unique and quality content for each off-page activity. But first, we optimize each website for on-page optimization.

Why Choose SEO Fantasy For SEO Service?

At SEO Fantasy, we know very well that, what it takes in order to achieve top rankings for our clients.

Our SEO experts carry out the following tasks on a website:-

1:- Robots.txt file: - robots.txt is a text file where we can specify our content that needs to be hidden from spiders.

2:- HTML Sitemap: - HTML Sitemap contains a basic structure for displaying all the pages of the website in a hierarchy. This sitemap is created for the users.

3:- Sitemap.xml: - XML sitemaps are created for the search engines. XML sitemaps helps search engine bots to easily cache, index and discover new pages.

4:- Alt Tag Optimization: - Alt tag describes what the image is about because, Google and other search engines can’t read an image file. Search engines use this text to identify what the image is about.

Heading Tags: - Heading tags are the heading of content within a webpage.

6: - Content Optimization: - We check if the webpage content is unique and quality content or not. A webpage should contain the keywords.

7: - Internal Links: - Internal links helps the user to move from one page to another page within a website. This will help to decrease bounce rate.

8: - Webpage Load Speed: - Google stated that if a webpage takes a long time to load a page then, 75% users will not re-visit your website. We checks, if the website is speed is good or not and factors to decrease page load speed.

9: - Responsive Design: - Responsive website design makes a website mobile friendly.

10:- Outbound Links: Outbound links within the content helps Google to figure out page’s topic.

11:- LSI Keywords:- Google use LSI keywords to determine page’s relevancy.

12:- Dublin Core Tags: - Dublin core tags are used to provide addition information to the robots that describes the page’s content such as page publisher, creator, date, format, language, coverage, description and title.

13: - Canonical URL Tag: - This Tag is used to prevent the search engine crawlers to crawl the duplicate pages on the website.

14: - Meta Tags:-

  • Title: - Optimization of TITLE. We check if Keywords exist in the title or not. (70 Characters with Spaces).
  • Description: - Optimization of Description. If Keywords are include in the description or not (170 Characters with Spaces)
  • Keyword: - Optimization of Keywords. We check if Keywords are relevant to the page content or not.
  • 15: - Keyword Research: - We help you to find the keywords that can derive traffic and leads on your website and competitive keywords.

    16: - Geo Tags: - Geo tag is used to add geographical location of the business within the web page content. A Geo tag can define the longitude and latitude of the business address with the webpage.

    17:- Schema Tag:- Schema markup code is the code that we add on website pages to provide more information to the search engine robots so that, search engines return more informative results to users.

    18:- Backlinks: - Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage.

    Whats is SEO and why it is Important?

    Seo or search engine optimization is a set of techniques that is used to increase the amount of visitors and traffic on a website with the help of search engines that includes Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

    Seo is Important because with the help of SEO techniques we can increase the amount of visitor and website leads from the search engine results without investing in paid ads and SEO is long term investment for a website.

    What is the Difference Between Bad Backlink and High Quality Backlink?
    Quality Backlink

    High quality backlinks are those backlinks that we earn from the high domain authority and relevant websites that are related to our website.

    For Example, if you have a healthcare website and we earn a backlinks from the healthcare website that has 70 Domain authority then, this backlink will be count in high quality backlink because this website has similar content and match to our niche.

    If your website is linking to a website that has high Domain Authority and has similar content then, this backlink will be count good for your website.

    Bad Backlink

    When your earn backlinks from the unrelated and untrusted websites that have been penalized and That are violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines this backlink will be count in bad backlink.

    For example:- If your are creating backlinks from a website that has only 5 Domain Authority and this website is already penalized by google then backlink from this website will be count as bad backlink.

    Why Backlinks are Important in SEO?

    Backlinks are important because, google and other search engine update their search index data based on number of high quality backlinks.

    Backlinks helps to generate referral traffic on the websites. Domain authority, page authority, moz trust and other metrics are calculated based on the number of backlinks. Moz , ahrefs and alexa counts all backlinks to updaate DA, PA, and other metrics.

    Important Google Ranking Factor?

    Google Ranking Factors:-

    1:- Content:- Website content should be match to the search query that is search by the user on the search engine. Content should be unique, Content should include synonyms, content should be long. Webpage should have good number of backlinks.

    2:- Backlink:- Backlinks should be earn from high authority websites. Website should have balance between high quality backlinks and normal backlinks because, Google and other search engines consider these websites backlink profile natural.

    3:- DA, PA, Trust Flow:- Website should have High DA, PA.

    SEO Fantasy does all the things for their clients.

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